The PointShape Inspector includes all features for point and polygon processing.

It is a powerful 3D measurement software that can obtain real-time results from various inspection points and provides the most accurate analysis results rich in functionality.

The PointShape Editor includes all features for point and polygon processing and provides granularity of the ability to convert CAD data into polygon data.

Software Customization

Need some special functions for your own applications?
We can provide you the solutions!


PointShape Inspector is the right tool for every inspection job.
Easy to use and affordable industrial level inspecting solution,
PointShape Inspector is a powerful 3D metrology software that allows to import all major
CAD programs’ raw data and most of hardware manufacturers’ scan data.
It enables users to get real-time results from various inspection points and it’s feature-rich
functionality will provide the most accurate analysis outcomes.

In addition to the powerful inspection features, PointShape Inspector also
provides user friendly Scan Data Processing & Polygon Editing, Healing features.

[3D Inspection] Reference Geometries for measurements by PointShape Inspector

Today, we are sharing some information how our customer scanned their product to measure distance by using PointShape Inspector. The above image is showing the product and the customer wants to measure the distance of two center holes. The task is measuring distance of both end center.Therefore, it’s not necessary to fully scan the product. […]

3D Laser Scanner and PointShape Inspector Case Study

Today, we are showing you that we have been requested from our customer to scan their prototype and perform the inspection with our software, PointShape Inspector. Inspection The customer who requested inspection and measurement produces Centrifuges and the size is about 750 x 750 x 200mm. The task is to scan and measure the Centrifuge […]

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