[3D Inspection]Define function (PointShape Inspector)

Today, we will look at the Define function.

Imported data can be registered as (Scan & CAD) Scan & Reference, and it is also useful when scanning more than one scan data under the same conditions.


1. Applying single scan data

Model Tree에서 검사를 원하는 Scan 데이터를 선택 후 각 항목에 해당하는 Add 버튼을 눌러 추가합니다.

Remove 버튼으로 이미 지정된 Scan과 Reference를 지울 수 있습니다.

Note: with a right click on a mouse on a data, it can be selected as Scan or Reference directly.
When importing CAD or Scan, it can be registered Scan or Reference automatically.


2. ScanGroup

Add additional group as the steps of #1.

  You can create groups as number of scans.

When creating group is finished, register right scan data to each group. (see #1)

     (Image: ScanGroup_1)

When ScanGroup is selected, the software only calculates about selected group.

                (Image: Data which is aligned and deviation check)
               Auto Report Creation

When complete all calculation process, the software creates the report in PDF or Excel format automatically.

This function is useful when comparing a multiple scan data with one CAD.


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