[3D Inspection] Quality Check by using 3D Scanner and Inspection Software

Today, we are posting a brief review of product quality checking using 3D scanner and Inspection Software.

Many manufacturers such as automobiles, pipes, and electricity have purchased and using 3D scanning solution for a long time.

If there is a defect in the product, it leads to a major accident and is directly related to the reputation of the company; therefore, as we all know that this process is highly important.

  • 3D Scanning

We scanned the housing of a car engine transmission as the image above. Scan data was acquired as pointcloud and converted to mesh data after scan.

Above image is showing the pointcloud data of the housing

This is converted mesh data

  • Post-Processing

Now we will show you how we’ve performed the product quality check by using our software, PointShape Inspector.

During converting pointcloud to mesh, there might be some empty area that was not scanned or twisted mesh. By using PointShape Inspector, these issues can be solved with a few clicks.

PointShape Inspector has the function, Fill Hole that enables to search all empty holes automatically as the image above.

You can only need to choose if you want to fill all holes or fill only holes you selected.

This is necessary during the post-processing due to it’s not possible to fully scan 100% the object without empty holes.

  • Align Scan data and CAD file

After scan and post-processing finished, now it’s time to align scan and CAD to get ready for the deviation check.

The scan data has its own coordinate system, the very first thing is the two data have to be aligned precisely.

PointShape Inspector has 8 different types of alignment tools for various deviation check.

Please see below link for the alignment process.


  • Deviation Check

The deviation between 3D CAD and Scan can be checked directly by the color bar on the right side of the screen and the detail deviation information can be displayed with annotation when the area is selected.

Deviation Check with annotations

Not only the deviation check, the data’s detail measurements also can be calculated.

3D Measurement

  • Report

When checking all necessary deviation, measurements are done, PointShape Inspector also supports automatic Report.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.

Thank you.

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