[3D Inspection] Deviation Check and Dimension Measurements by using PointShape Inspector

Today, we will perform inspecting and measuring section of the Impeller with our software, PointShape Inspector.

  • Whole Comparison

Whole Comparison feature supports the deviation check (with detail annotation) for whole area between CAD and Scan or Scan and Scan.

It supports two types of annotation. (Detail or Simple)

  • Section Comparison

The section plane can be freely move as the image above.

The annotation with detail deviation information is displayed.

  • 3D Measurement

It’s more precise measuring Scan data with CAD file. But, when CAD file is not available, the measurement is also possible by creating reference geometries.

There are various type of Reference Geometry features such as Point, Vector Circle, Plane, Cylinder, Sphere, Cone, Polyline. These options can be used for detail measurements.

  • 2D Measurement

As same as 3D Measurement, The section plane can be freely move as the image above for 2D Measurement.

The created section data is now displayed as 2D drawing.

And, using Vector, Circle, Point, etc Reference Geometries for 2D measurements.

  • Polyline

By using Reference Geometries’ Polyline, you can extract your data as 2D Drawing and this data can be used for reverse-engineering.

The created Polyline can be exported to Drawing file and this file can further use in other reverse-engineering software.

The main features of PointShape Inspector are focused on Inspection application. And, it’s also has various features for point / polygon editing.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.

Thank you.

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