[Quality 3D Inspection] Deviation Check after 3D Scan [PointShape inspector]

We would like to introduce the inspection project that was performed by PointShape Inspector after 3D scanning.



This mold press company makes 2~5m size parts and most of the parts are selling overseas. The company is looking for more automatic and efficient inspection solution since their orders are increasing but their only inspection is in manual and old fastion way.

As the image below, we have scanned the object that is about 4m of width.

Since the object is too large and needed to prevent from cumulative error, we also used a 3D Photogrammetry system together with a 3D scanner.

With using the 3D laser type of scanner, the scanning job didn’t take too long to finish.  The total scanning time was 1 hour including putting markers.  As the above image, the scan data was acquired as the customer requested.


After scanning is completed, we imported the data to PointShape Inspector for further inspection.

3D Measurement (Distance)

Comparison (Whole)

Comparison (Whole)

Using PointShape Inspector software, the detail deviation was completely done

After all deviation checks are done, we can now extract result reports.

Auto Report (PDF, Excel format)

Just with one simple click, the result report can be made in excel or PDF formats automatically. Of course the user can manually input the company / project names, as well as some logos in the report.

After scan is done and import the data to PointShape Inspector software, all above inspection was done in 10 minutes.

The customer was fully satisfied with our inspection solution and we are scheduled to deliver our full solution soon.

PointShape Inspector has 8 different types of alignment tools for various deviation check and 3 different types (Whole, Section, Point) of deviation check as well as 2D & 3D Measurement, Auto Report, GD&T are fully available.

For some specific application, software customizing is also possible for you.

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