Rail Straightness Inspection after 3D scan [PointShape Inspector]

We are going to find out how we can precisely inspect Straightness of Rails by using RIEGL VZ-400i and PointShape Inspector.

3D Scanning & Post-processing

RIEGL VZ-400i was used for this test project.
The rail is 25m long and the 3D data had to be acquired within 5 minutes.
It was clearly seen that the rail was not straight forward.

First, we scanned the rail which is red marked in the above image.
Even with roughly looking at the rail, it is clearly bent.

The rail in the yellow box was the test object for the straightness analyzing.
PointShape Inspector was used for further inspection.

First, the pointcloud has to be transformed to poly data.
Then import the poly data to PointShape Inspector to analyse with its GD&T feature.

PointShape Inspector has six different types of GD&T.
– Straightness
– Flatness
– Circularity
– Cylindricity
– Perendicularity
– Parallelism

In this test project, PointShape Inspector’s Straightness GD&T will be used.

Straightness Analysis (GD&T)

This is the result of the full rail (25m) and you can also visually see it is curved. The detail Min, Max. Average values can be checked in the property window.
The tolerance value was set as 14mm and the result of the straightness was 122.9521mm.

The color bar on the right side of the screen also helps to view the values.
Also, the Pass Tolerance option was set to ±7mm.

The next tested step was to check the half of the rail.
The tolerance value was set as 14mm and the result of the straightness was 16.1405mm.

The Actual Value or Min / Max value include the accuracy of the scanner.
Therefore, most of time, it’s recommended to check the Average value.

Report Creation

Creating report with final analysing data is automatically done and can be exported with PDF or Excel format.

The images in the report were automatically selected and the user can also input the project name, logo, description of the report, etc.

PointShape Inspector Introduction

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