[3D Inspection] Eccentricity and Eccentricity Position measurement with PointShape Inspector

Today, we are showing you how we have inspected the crank that runs oil pump, water pump, generator, fuel high pressure pump or power pump.
The task was to inspect the crank axis eccentricity position by using our PointShape Inspector software after scan.

The piston of the engine is repeated by the crankshaft alternating between acceleration and deceleration. This causes large acceleration and centrifugal forces to act on the crankshaft, resulting in bending and twisting or rotational vibration.

The crankshaft is a product of ultra-precise technology that does not allow even for 1mm error during the pre-production process, therefore it must be accompanied by accurate 3D scanning and reliable 3D inspection software.

Please see below images for better understanding.

The task is to measure the distance of two different axis between BEARING and SHAFT.

We’ve started the task with 3D scanner to acquire enough area of the object to create Reference Geometry.

Based on partial area scanned data, we’ve created reference geometry (cylinder) by using PointShape Inspector.

As the images above, measuring distance between two axis was simply done with two reference geometries’ center axis.

After all inspection process are finished, automatic detail report will be created. (for both PDF and Excel formats)

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