3D Laser Scanner and PointShape Inspector Case Study

Today, we are showing you that we have been requested from our customer to scan their prototype and perform the inspection with our software, PointShape Inspector.


The customer who requested inspection and measurement produces Centrifuges and the size is about 750 x 750 x 200mm.

The task is to scan and measure the Centrifuge by section.
We will use PointShape Inspection’s GD&T (Circularity) and 3D Measurement features.

Laser Scanning with 3D Laser Scanner

Not as projection type of scanners, a laser type scanner is more suitable for scanning shining area without powder spray.

PointShape Inspector Formats

Once the scanning is finished, we can import the final STL data to our software.

PointShape Inspector supports various formats as the image below.
Most of common formats for CAD and Scan are available.


Section Comparison

PointShape inspector can rapidly slice the section and perform the deviation check and analyze.

Measurement & Polyline

Several options such as Distance, Angle, Radius can be measured.

The section can be made as Polyline and the final polyline is possible to export as DXF format.
This DXF file also can be used for some other modeling process in other software solution.


Currently PointShape Inspector supports 6 types of GD&T and it’s keep upgrading for other types.


The following image is a example how we calculate and find the center of a cylinder model by using our Circularity function.

The circular structure is used in almost all manufacturing processes and requires the use of Circularity whenever parts need to be perfectly rounded, such as rotating shafts and bearings.

The scan model was calculated by segmenting 5 Circles. Optional values can be modified at any time, depending on the user. The tolerance value is set to 0.5. If the Actual Value value is less than 0.5, the corresponding annotation appears in green.

Auto Report

Creating report with final analyzing data is automatically done and can be exported with PDF or Excel format.

The images in the report were automatically selected and the user can also input the project name, logo, description of the report, etc.

PointShape Inspector Introduction

Please email us for your 14 days trial of PointShape Inspector.


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