[3D Inspection] Reference Geometries for measurements by PointShape Inspector

Today, we are sharing some information how our customer scanned their product to measure distance by using PointShape Inspector.

The above image is showing the product and the customer wants to measure the distance of two center holes.

The task is measuring distance of both end center.
Therefore, it’s not necessary to fully scan the product.

Once the scan is finished, next step is import the scan data to PointShape Inspector to create Reference Geometry.
In this case, they have created Cylinders at both ends.
PointShape Inspector supports various type of reference geometries as the image below.

As the image below, the distance between two cylinders’ center was measured.

Only with 3D data, Pointshape Inspector is possible to measure distance, angle, radius (diameter) etc.

3D Measurement

Of course, all these measurements are possible in 2D Model.

2D Measurement

Using the same picked measurement points coordinate, the user can always use the same positions on a different 3D data (Objects) for accurate results.

3D Whole Comparison

All of PointShape Inspector’s inspection can be extracted auto report in Excel and PDF formats.

2D Section Comparison

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