Scan to Design by using PointShape Inspector’s Polyline Feature

Today, we will show you how we can process 3D scan data to Design data with PointShape Inspector.
PointShape Inspector has a Reference Geometry feature and one of the geometries, Polyline was used for the job today.

Above, you will see the 3D data that was scanned not fully but partially.

Now, we will show you how we have created design data by using PointShape Inspector’s Polyline feature.

Extract Section Polyline to a specific location by creating a plane at a specific location or creating a virtual plane at any location relative to the X, Y, and Z axes.

You can draw extracted polylines by saving them as dxf or dwg file and loading them in a separate CAD program.

Below Top View image shows the result.

You can work on the side part in the same way.

Creates a center axis of the scan data and rotates a plane tangential to the center axis to extract polyline at the desired location.

Below image is showing the front part’s section polyline.

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