INSPECTION after Scan the Optic Cable Junction Box

We are going to show you the whole process from scanning the Optic cable junction box to 3D inspection with PointShape Inspector.

Purpose of the job

The scanning object is an Optic Cable Junction Box which protects the connection of the optical cable and the connection of the optical fiber from external shock / pressure.  

The purpose of the job is to inspect the whole box (deviation check) and measure some distances which the user wants to check.

3D Scan Data

As the images above, after fully 3D scanned the junction box, we imported the 3D data to PointShape Inspector.
The first step when 3D data is imported is align scan and CAD.
PointShape Inspector provides 8 different types of alignment tools as the image below.


PointShape Inspector Alignment Tools


Initial, Manual, Automatic, Selection, RPS, Datum, 3-2-1, Coordinate Alignment types are available to register CAD data and Scan data.

Whole Comparison

When the data (Scan & CAD) are precisely aligned, detail deviation check can be done with Whole Comparison feature.

Whole Comparison feature gives you the whole deviation check and the Annotation displays all detail deviation results.

Measurement & Report

PointShape Inspector Introduction

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