Comparison & Macro Case Study

We will share the case that our customer requested for an inspection of their product.

The customer is producing a pen cover (Permanent Marker) and as their request, we have scanned the pen cover to inspect the inner side cylinder. 


Product and Scanned Part


Section Comparison

We created 5 planes with every 0.25mm gap and conducted a deviation comparison with an error range of ±0.05mm.


The following Section Comparison feature of PointShape Inspector is enable to create sections of the desired part of the user to analyze the deviation comparison.

Point Comparison

We also have performed the Point Comparison feature for further inspection.
With the Point Comparison feature, you can always create points at the same coordinates to see the data deviation.
It is excellent for quality inspection purposes of injection products that change every time. After creating a point where the user wants it, press the Import button to save the generated point coordinates. Once the save is complete, you can always re-comparate the deviations to the correct points at that location.

Smart Macro

The Macro feature allows users to store a series of courses and facilitate the process of scanning.  It is always useful when examining different SCAN data with the same CAD data. 
Also saving the result report file 
to the desired path (folder) automatically is possible. 

(Please see below video)

PointShape Inspector Introduction

The PointShape Inspector includes a variety of features including Whole Comparison, Section Comparison, Point Comparison, and 2D & 3D Measurement, Automatic Report.  
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